Short-Term Scientific Missions


The CryptoAction supports Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). STSMs (or research visits) are aimed at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST Country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique and to start or continue working on joint projects.
STSMs are particularly intended for young scientists (less than 8 years after PhD).

STSM Guidelines

  • Duration: 5 days - 90 days. STSM must take place entirely before or after May 1st of each year (e.g., one cannot apply for an STSM which start on April 15th and ends on May 15th).
  • Financial support - Limits: The applicant proposes an amount that must be approved by the STSM committee. The maximum amount that can be applied for is 2500 euro, which includes travel expenses and up to 160 euro/day for accomodation and meal expenses.
  • Financial support - Suggested amounts: On average, succesfull STSM applicants are awarded 1500 euro (300 euros for travel and 90 euro/day for accomodation and meal expenses). Deviations from these average is possible but should be justified (e.g., the host institution is an expensive country, there are no cheap flights between the two countries, etc.)
  • Who can apply? The Applicant should normally be engaged in a programme of research as a postgraduate student or postdoctoral fellow or be employed in an institution of a COST Country having accepted the Memorandum of Understanding of the Action.
  • Who to visit: From a home institution in a COST participating country to a host institution in another COST participating country or to a formally approved host institution in a non-COST country (or from a formally approved home institution in a Near Neighbour country to a host institution in a COST participating country).
  • Deadline for application: End of each month. (Acceptance/Rejection notification are to be expected 10-15 days after the deadline). Applicants are encouraged to apply well in advance.
  • Insurance, employment, etc.: For the period of the STSM neither the MC of the Action nor the COST Office may be considered as the employer and grantees must make their own arrangements for all health, social, personal security and pension matters.
  • Applications: Please, fill in a form at and then send the resulting PDF (including your CV, mission statement and duration) by email to: dominique.schroeder [AT]
  • STSM committee: Dominique Schoeder (STSM Coordinator), University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Svetla Petkova-Nikova, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and Dario Catalano, Universita di Catania, Italy.

After the STSM

  • After the STSM, please complete the following steps in order to receive your STSM grant.
  • 1. Write a scientific report: the report should contain a description of the activities performed during the STSM (approx. 1 page).
  • 2. Get the report approved: send the report to cryptoaction AT and the STSM host and request their approval. Make sure that the STSM host includes cryptoaction AT in the CC field.
  • 3. Request your STSM grant: Forward the STSM grant letter, the STSM report, and the approvals to Jan Frederiksen (jrf AT, who will process the payment of your STSM grant.